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Hi, I’m Labhaoise.

Printmaking is my main discipline. I pride myself in exploring all areas of the print room leaving no area of experimentation undiscovered.

I allow the process of experimentation and the creative flow produce final editions of prints. Many of my artworks are limited edition due to the nature of placing objects and newsprint under my screens to create exclusive one-off prints. This adds a layer of complexity and uniqueness to my works.

Life out of the print room I enjoy brunch (particularly bottomless) , city breaks and not taking life too seriously.

Feel free to contact in regard to commission and collaborations.

︎ @labhaoiseprinted
︎ labhaoisekerr@icloud.com



Multidisciplinary Printmaker

An Irish printmaker based in Liverpool. The main body of work explores colour, texture and organic shapes. Each print is unique and one of its kind.